Reads & Response: Interviewing myself

So my new Read is Don’t Blame Mother. To give myself some focus I am going to be posting my answers to the interview questions in the Appendix. I hope to give this interview to some of my family members to have for Sophie when she grows up. For now I am going to take it one question at a time (in random order).

What was it like being a new mother? What was the hardest part?

I have a hard time with transitions, and having a child is one of the biggest I have faced. I wanted a “natural” birth and got it. You were fiesty from the start. When I first tried to feed you at the birth center you kept pulling away and crying. They told me you had to figure out how to breathe, suck, and swallow.

Twelve hours after I was already at home dazed and confused. Your 6lbs scared me, it seemed like I could break you. Part of me wanted to keep looking at you. Your smell was incredible but eventually all I wanted was sleep. The midwives said to feed you every three hours. Well we were really tired and we slept about five hours. We figured you would wake us up if you wanted to be fed. After five hours of sleep we woke up and panicked. Thinking the whole time we were horrible parents. So we started setting alarms, which I eventually would sleep through. Breastfeeding was a bigger challenge then I thought it would be. I told a friend if I knew breastfeeding would hurt this much I would have taken the drugs during childbirth.

To Be Continued…

One Response to Reads & Response: Interviewing myself

  1. bianca bean says:

    This is going to make for some really good blogging. I will be tuned in.


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