American Women Hunger-Strike for the Vote & more

In college I took a women’s history class, I still have the books. I never thought I could be shocked by something that happened to women so long ago, in my own country. I tried to tell dhuz about it but got no acceptable response. How is it that I didn’t know about this part of women’s history? I read about Susan B Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton, but not this really ugly part. Am I just trippin’ about the historical significance here? I want my daughter to be well versed in women’s history, and she ain’t gonna get that in public school.

I am dying to know how many women actually know about this incident. Pass the word Ladies.

Women’s Letters: America from the Revolutionary War to the Present


1917: December- Rose Winslow to her husband and to members of the National Women’s Party

The “Silent Sentinels” demanded the vote by picketing the White House (w/ signs saying: “Mr. President How Long Must Women Wait for Liberty”) on a daily basis. This caused a major embarrassment for the Wilson Administration, when hosting foreign diplomats. A total of 17 women were arrested on charges of obstructing traffic. One group of women were sentenced to seven months in prison. After they staged a hunger strike, because they were being treated like criminals instead of political prisoners, “they were brutally forcefed”. They compile a series of letters smuggled out of the hospital, written by Rose.

The compilation of letters describes the prision hospital scene……

  • (Rose) vomited continually during the feeding process, and developed a painful irritation in her feeding tube.
  • (Rose) is weak and faints easily
  • Alice Paul (a member of the Silent Sentinels) is deemed “psychopathic”.
  • The prisoners were in solitary confinement for five weeks.
  • They got no mail and were considered insubordinate when they refused food not fit to eat.
  • Bits of letters were smuggled out of the hospital prison
  • Roaches crawl everywhere.

Read About Rose online and see her picture-scroll down for Library of Congress description

Rose’s Picture and Bio

How does this change my view of the US ever becoming family/ kid friendly? Well it certainly seems more difficult and I feel like I need to involve myself in some way, pronto! No, Like Yesterday. Just how I will do that is still up in the air. I will tell you this, I Am dreaming big.More interesting/ current news:

scary article about fathers “protecting” their daughters virginity

A while ago I read about “Purity Balls“-where fathers & daughters pledge the daughters purity. Father is supposed to protect it. It wierded me out then. The above article is the logical conclusion of it.

Purity Balls are creepy, and sound incestuous. So women your bodies were never yours they were your fathers and then they belong to your husband. The creepiest thing was before their wedding night she washed her new husbands feet. Someone on Pandagon commented that this is reversing the Christian meaning of feet washing. So true. Are we heading back to cave man times? Ladies watch out for those big clubs, if you don’t, you never know who’s cave you might wind up trapped in.

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  1. bianca bean says:

    Some shocking and necessary reads here. Thank you.


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