Dispatch from Bitchville

December 1, 2008

Let me just get this right out there. I had a great Thanksgiving and know I am very blessed. Now that is over, here is how I have been feeling for real…

I hate everyone and everything. I am taking hormones, and not even the really “big hormones”.

Kiddo finally went down for a nap BUT I thought she had ESCAPED from her room and disappeared before I found her asleep on the floor. And yes, her new trick is escaping from her room by standing on a box and hopping over the gate. Oye.

Women and Children First (for once)

February 24, 2008

Women’s (and children’s) Rights are Human Rights (DUH- People do forget this???)

By Georgie I’ve found it, some of what Feminism means to me

Global Feminism…..What is that You say? Here’s a great example of Global Feminisim from The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

And for those that won’t click through..(my addition)

Global Feminism”…seeks the advancement of women. …(giving) women equal rights in all aspects of their lives including political, health, educational, social and legal. It also calls for action in nearly every field of human endeavor: politics, law, employment, education, health care, commercial transactions and domestic relations”.

Da Babe

I found “rent a toy” through this blog

I may look into renting some for Moshie. This sounds like a great idea for the environment!! Check out Baby Plays

I like the advice in Coping with the Caveman in the Crib. I tried what it suggested and it worked, not surprisingly. How ’bout that, kids want exactly what we want when we are upset….understanding.

Just for a funny “Women’s News” Bitch is the New Black & Bitches get stuff done
From Tina Fey on SNL (after clicking scroll down for video)

Moshie Signs!

December 1, 2007

Signing Time with Alex and Lia, Come and Play

Moshie spontaneously signs two words to her daddy …..more book, more eat! I had been working on book, but had not seen her do it yet. She absolutely LOVES non-fiction board books from the library, to the point of obsession.

For the last few weeks we have been watching Signing Time, sometimes twice a day. It gives me a needed break especially near dinner time. I usually abhor little kiddos watching TV but we try and do it interactively part of the time. If they sign ball we roll out the ball, etc. I really like one song “Show me a Sign”, but I could do without the theme song (see bold title above). I used sign when I did Early Intervention home visits and loved it. The progress was amazing.

I recently got Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen, Ed.D. from the library. I have been thinking about attending a 2 day conference on the method for my family and the new project/s I am working on.

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