Yogurt Paint Bath Art

March 3, 2010

I made fingerpaints, which consist of plain yogurt and food coloring. People take ingredients from milk and put them into a bath, so why not yogurt? My kiddo loved every second of smearing and pouring of paints into and around the tub! We even painted her face with a pink flower.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used food coloring of some sort to make bath paint. It works with shaving cream (which also cleans the tub when you smear and rub it off). Most of the time we talk about what color combinations make new ones. We try to stick to the pretty ones. If you don’t have time for painting in the tub you can always just add a few drops to water for a bath full of color.

Good Kid Read

Three curious mice discover paint and make some new colors. This book is great for preschoolers and/ or those learning to read color names.


February 23, 2010

I will sit on you

When I worked at the Kid Crazy Factory I saw tantrums evolve into controlled hugs. I was reminded of this today when my own kiddo was acting a bit crazy. It was time for nap. She had one leg in the air to throw off her blankets, which is like a teenager giving you the middle finger. I calmed her down and tucked her in walked away to compose myself. Before I could catch my breath I hear *bang* *bang*, so I peek around the corner. I see her sitting in the middle of a giant mess of blankets and animals. Among the mess she holds her xylophone “wand” and beats blocks, obviously calling all the other disobedient preschool monsters into revolt against me. In my minds eye I see feathers and fur flying. I remind myself to breathe.This is an over tired freak out where every action screams I need a nap and every reaction screams No mothertrucking way am I taking a nap, touch me and I’ll cut a b1tch. As I am shaking myself out of seeing red, I walk over and reply in an overly sweet and smooth voice, if you don’t stop I will have to sit on you.

Now I don’t really mean I will sit on my kiddo. I’m going to put a feather light hold on her. I repeat to her it is time to rest, that means quiet arms, legs and closed eyes. When she does none of the above, I gently turn her to her side- suggest she hug her kitty instead of flinging it at my face. At this point I am doing my deep breathing before I cuddle-hold her. Soon she stops yelling and is asleep in a puddle of drool.

Good Kid Read Review

Adios Oscar
A Butterfly Fable

Oscar is a caterpillar that meets a butterfly named Bob, who is on his way to Mexico. Bob tells Oscar he is going to grow wings like his and invites him to come fly with him in Mexico. Oscars friends think he’s lost his mind, but Edna his friend introduces him to a new world of books and book worms. Oscar takes his big caterpillar nap but wakes up as something unexpected. But don’t worry, he still goes to Mexico and visits Bob!

Existential Lesson: We all have a path in this life to follow. We may look different but it’s possible for each and everyone of us to get to where we need/ want to be.


NC State Link on Tantrums in Child Care

Information on how to handle a tantrum

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