Gratitude for Christmas

December 18, 2014

I hated registration as an undergraduate, really hated it. Somehow I managed to register for two classes at two different schools. It was frustrating. It’s over!!!

I’m feeling grateful about being able to get another chance at “fixing” some grades before applying again to graduate school. I appreciate all the encouragement I have been getting from family and friends.

Other things I am grateful for are:
– being introduced to a number of activist organizations around Raleigh and being privileged enough to be able to help their efforts.

– my son (and Alley Cats and Angels, Inc.) who saved my fuzzy boy. I’ve had a “bad” case of cat lap lately, which has been keeping me warm.

– I’m going to take a writing class! Perhaps I will be able to incorporate some assignments into blogging.

– All the encouragement I’ve been getting about my soap. I’m thinking about exploring how one goes about creating an inventory and schedule, big enough to sustain an etsy store.

– and of course I’m very thankful for my kiddo who is smart, strong, courageous, and kind.



March 11, 2014

I’m feeling like a goldfish these days. I think it took me 20 minutes just to get the goldfish pic in this post. It has been forever since I wrote here and I’ve been missing it. I have been doing lots of writing for other projects. I was in the middle of writing two admissions essays <INSERT:¬†Nails on CHalkBoarD> when ThaT school decided to not accept prerequisites if they were more than 10 years old (even if they were part of a degree). So, I decided to apply to a school that didn’t require a GRE score. It took some time for me to recover from the realization of how much it would cost– in both time and money– to take those credits over. Mostly the money freaked me out but my dh is not so happy about the time. Off I go starting a prep course next week–to reopen my school options. ¬†Perhaps it is for the best. I haven’t had a challenge like this in a while. I used the goldfish as an illustration because I’ve become a rabid geek-fan of the BBC’s Sherlock. And everyone except the Holmes Boys are goldfish. Oh, but aren’t we so endearing and sentimental. And of course the Holmes boys would both get a perfect score on the GRE.


So, back to Sherlock. I would really love to have a ‘mind palace’ accessible to me during my high stakes standardized test. I took some pictures of my house and am going to try and overlay some of my study material on them. We shall see how that goes. I keep forgetting to write/ type on the pictures. I’ve really been squeeing over the props and decor on Sherlock, specifically the black and white wallpapered/ spraypainted wall. That wall gets shot at in one of the episodes because Sherlock is bored. That is one of my favorite scenes.


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