November 27, 2014

I cooked my turkey on Wed. and completed soup yesterday. DH doesn’t want to eat turkey on the traditional day, so this is how I work around it. I’m officially on a “half as much as I used to eat, not diet” to reduce my sodium intake and blood pressure.

The most interesting thing that has happened recently has been my epiphany about college and math ….and I wrote the following email to my dh

My Quant GRE score made it painfully clear that my brain learns differently and therefore, if I know this I can be taught and tested differently. The reason I went into teaching and speech is because there was not a lot of math requirements. Now I know with the right adaptations I can take those classes. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to be my own advocate and fight for what I need, but I CAN DO MATH- not like a typical person can, but I can do eeet. My problems with math have been appropriate educational ACCESS. (Please do click on the link) By law, a college has to provide access for someone with a disability.


Big change in the way I am thinking about things. Give me a bit of time to sit with it. The classes at wake tech are easier to get into and cheaper. They will renew my teaching licensure, as well as give me an opportunity to work with professors in a science field in a small group setting, which helps me stay focused. It shows my dedication to remediating my undergraduate gpa. And, I will likely get good references from professors, which sets me up to reapply to the graduate speech program.

We always talk about needing more women in STEM fields, right. How about science, that is a stem field. If Kiddo wants to partake of a STEM field she will have to be encouraged. AKA, see other women in the field. So, why not me?

So, really my thinking about further schooling has been turned on its head, and I am open to possibilities. I’m attempting to sign up for an all women biology class at my local community college. I am waiting for my transcript to arrive, so I can register. I think this will be an interesting experience in many ways. Now that I am actually treated for ADHD I know I can be extremely successful.


FTY: History

March 11, 2011

More than ever I am convinced that nothing will change in this country unless the women rise up and demand it. I am amazed to learn the genesis of the civil rights movement was led by women who taught at citizenship schools. It seems like everywhere I turn teachers were at the forefront of any rights movement, whether it be labor or civil. It is very inspiring, as well as daunting.

I forced myself to sit (meditate) today for about 20 minutes. Again I come away from it with the feeling that I am my worst enemy.While I’ve discovered I like math and it is a little meditative, I don’t think I want to go back to school in the next year or two.

The Morning

My breakfast consisted of GRE Algebra with a fabulous chocolate truffle cake, left over from last nights MomsRisingNC’s Night Out. Before that I grumpily swept my very dirty floor and fed kiddo, while dhuz napped. Thank goodness he was able to take her to school. Then I proceeded to write a follow up email relating to a meeting I had yesterday. All the while surfing facebook, sending messages to friends I miss and looking at my underworked blog posts. Naturally, I was almost hyperventilating by 10:15. I put the brakes on and grabbed my White Camphor essential oil bottle and headed to the shower. After running the hot water on myself for a while and clutching my aromatherapy my breathing started to calm. Next, I headed to my yoga bolster to meditate.

I came away wanting to finish my blog post and clutch my aromatherapy bottles. Later today, I’ve got to do something with kiddo and finish my work on negative exponents. All the while I will think about how I can raise some hell while fighting for what’s right. I’m glad I can look to the members of MomsRisingNC for fellowship.

chaotic note

Making A Place for Labor History (NC)

For example, my students at North Carolina State University are often surprised to learn that ours is the least unionized state in the nation; that North Carolina is one of only two states that outlaw public sector collective bargaining; and that economic inequality is greater today than at any time since the Great Depression. They want to know how things got this way.

A good labor history course would answer this question.

Students would learn how southern textile workers in the late 1920s and early 1930s organized to resist exploitation by mill owners, and how mill owners, in collusion with police and politicians, used violence to quash strikes.

One legacy of this violence is a fear of unions, a fear that partly accounts for the low unionization rate in North Carolina. A study of labor history would reveal that violence associated with union organizing originated not with workers but with bosses afraid of losing power and profits.

Students would also learn how North Carolina’s General Statute 95-98, which prohibits collective bargaining by public employees, grew out of 1950s anti-communist hysteria and fear that alliances between black and white workers would challenge the dominance of North Carolina’s ruling white oligarchy.

Introducing: Triangle Mothers Acting Up

January 3, 2008

Triangle Mothers Acting Up

I figured I should make a website for my event/ cause. And I had to come up with a name. I thought it is appropriate because MAU, NAMC, MomsRising, and NOW are aligned organizations.

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