FTY: The Muppets

June 10, 2011

Orignially this post was going to consist mainly of the “SouthPark Test” which is analogous to The Daughter Test they have been writing about over at Feministe. Instead of flogging myself for failing the “SouthPark Good Parenting Test”, because I caught kiddo watching almost a whole hour of South Park. <<<While I snoozed and dear Kryten took his “I got clocked @89 mph but was framed” defense and safe driving class to show the judge “I am a good driver certificate”>>>. <My younger judgemental teacher self head would have almost exploded upon hearing eight year olds watched SouthPark.>

Instead I bring to you Muppets!

From Mindful.org: Embrace the Monster in the Mirror

Our furry old pal Grover’s got good advice for us all.

Here’s a little Friday fun for the young and the young at heart.

About this Sesame Street video, Scientific Mindfulness blogger Brian Thompson, PhD writes, “I discovered this Sesame Street clip after a therapist posted it on a professional listserv. As the poster noted, it’s a clever illustration of the ease that can come from accepting parts of us that we experience judgment towards.”

Radical Sensitivities

November 13, 2010

This post was inspired by Klonke’s Paramis of Mass Arrest. I read her blog and love her about and friendly users guide!

from her about page linked to previously

kloncke (klôngk!)

rhymes with “honk,” “wonk,” and “badonkadonk.”

v.intr.  To mindfully blog for social and spiritual liberation.

n.  A participatory memoir.  A blog dedicated to kloncking.

I love the whole definition and the playfulness of those two pages. While I try to blog mindfully I am a beginner at meditation/ mindfulness. In reading Paramis of Mass Arrest I was very moved when she cites MLK and how he comes to terms with being a “creative extremist”.

It’s not news to me that my politics are considered radical. When I lived in western NY I was called a ‘scary’ liberal. Legalize drugs. prostitution. outlaw war. You know, it is really not that radical. There are places in this world that have done some of these things.

The root of my so called radical politics are being a HSP <highly sensitive person>,former premature infant, and having ADHD. In this ultra-technological/ over-poplulated society I feel like I am tuned into mass suffering almost constantly. Which usually makes me want to huddle in bed.

I think I’d rather be considered radically <or chaotically> creative. I wonder if MLK would have been considered “Highly Sensitive”.

Notes/ Links of Interest

Can I go beyond fear and hope?

Liking the music on lovethislife.net

Taking do not give up to a creatively chaotic level and not just for blogging!

I survived my kiddo’s birthday party. Felt very socially awkward even though it was my peeps. I have lots to reflect on. We were late. It was great!

Friday Thank You

November 5, 2010

To The 125 Women who Changed our World ~~Mother Jones #60

I’m going to show kiddo some of the 125 women and tell her about what they did. I found this via. Reclusive Leftist (link on sidebar) and Equal Visibility Everywhere

Monkey Minds R Us

November 3, 2010

Me and the kiddo are taking a little break at home today to paint and cook together. She’s making a fort as we speak! The original plan was to drill holes in some blocks for beading and then paint them. But Kryten has 1000000000 million thousand drill bits and I cannot find one that will fit this project. I don’t want to get ‘in trouble’ for messing up his stash o’ tools. Cause I wouldn’t hear the end of it— ever.

Computer meltdown during my one attempt to get something done today—resend kiddos birthday invites. Oh technology how you invigorate and insult me at the same time.

In other news a few choice phrases I have been using with kiddo.

  1. Because I Said So Please- this goes over better than because I said so
  2. Be happy with what you have you may lose it<—i thought this might also be a good phrase in light of the election results of yesterday



This post brought to you by Sid the Science Kid: Weather. 🙂

Yogurt Paint Bath Art

March 3, 2010

I made fingerpaints, which consist of plain yogurt and food coloring. People take ingredients from milk and put them into a bath, so why not yogurt? My kiddo loved every second of smearing and pouring of paints into and around the tub! We even painted her face with a pink flower.

This isn’t the first time I’ve used food coloring of some sort to make bath paint. It works with shaving cream (which also cleans the tub when you smear and rub it off). Most of the time we talk about what color combinations make new ones. We try to stick to the pretty ones. If you don’t have time for painting in the tub you can always just add a few drops to water for a bath full of color.

Good Kid Read

Three curious mice discover paint and make some new colors. This book is great for preschoolers and/ or those learning to read color names.

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