FTY: The Muppets

June 10, 2011

Orignially this post was going to consist mainly of the “SouthPark Test” which is analogous to The Daughter Test they have been writing about over at Feministe. Instead of flogging myself for failing the “SouthPark Good Parenting Test”, because I caught kiddo watching almost a whole hour of South Park. <<<While I snoozed and dear Kryten took his “I got clocked @89 mph but was framed” defense and safe driving class to show the judge “I am a good driver certificate”>>>. <My younger judgemental teacher self head would have almost exploded upon hearing eight year olds watched SouthPark.>

Instead I bring to you Muppets!

From Mindful.org: Embrace the Monster in the Mirror

Our furry old pal Grover’s got good advice for us all.

Here’s a little Friday fun for the young and the young at heart.

About this Sesame Street video, Scientific Mindfulness blogger Brian Thompson, PhD writes, “I discovered this Sesame Street clip after a therapist posted it on a professional listserv. As the poster noted, it’s a clever illustration of the ease that can come from accepting parts of us that we experience judgment towards.”

Listening 101

December 9, 2010

Listening 101 ADHD style =

<I’m pairing this post with kiddo art. Because what is less threatening than a little kids drawing?>

My Notes from The Lost Art of Listening by Michael P. Nichols- Chapter 6:

I’m reading this book because the professional development book I am also reading suggested it. <Non-fiction, how I can read you if I am reading 5 books at a time><ADHD and Good Notes> Sometimes at home I cannot stop my mouth from opening and words flying out~ like blatant spot on psychoanalysis of my partner. Poor Kryten, I think he’s gotten so used to it. it just echoes off his metallic finish.

How Emotionality Makes us Defensive. <I really like how they outlined many key sentences in bold.>

Were most reactive to the things we secretly accuse ourselves of. <ding, ding, ding>

TONE of voice counts and can turn a request into a tirade. <I really do this when I talk with kiddo. bless Krytens cold metal heart. He tries to get me to notice.>

When we are talking we hear what we feel not how we sound.

p.103 Try to figure out what the person (who’s upset) might be feeling and say it in a way that invites him/her to elaborate. Acknowledgement of position allows a person to open and actually hear.

It’s easy to fake listening.

Rivermonster in bathtub crayon 10/10 by kiddo

I imagine this is how the river monster feels after he has been with a good listener.


chaotic notes


Not listening is a silencing mechanism, too. from Silence isn’t Golden

Can I listen to myself and stay focused?

The Answer is 42

November 4, 2010

We seriously need to just give the planet back to the Dolphins. They are obviously superior to humans. My evidence: from photojackers and Very Demotivational Posters

Dolphins are awesome!

Humans suck.

Nuff Said.

Full Moon and the Korny Maze

October 25, 2010

Saturday we went to a Korny Korn maze that was “6 Acres and had over 2 1/2 Miles of Paths”. I felt a bit like I did in Falling when I wanted to hibernate but again I took the leap. There was no napping for Kiddo prior to. I wasn’t prepared for two miles of trails either. After we finished the first section kiddo was done. I spent a few minutes talking her into going to the end. The last section we carried her through. I hadn’t even planned on going to the maze at all but it was a beautiful day so I let Kryten talk me into it. While there we ate some fried dough/ funnel cake.

Like the subtle book title placement? 🙂

The moon has been an awesome and inspiring sight the last few days. As my energy is waning I feel drawn to acknowledge those lessons that keep coming back to me. My hope is that each time I learn these lessons it will be a little less painful. I wrote two things on a piece of paper that I wanted to purge from my life. I took my black box out in the moonlight with my papers and I burned them.

Moshie Speak

June 20, 2009

Favorite words/phrases

ass-in – medicine
dats lucky
ewww kitty puke
dada hair problem

From the backseat of the car:

You guys are driving me craaa-zy!

At dinner:

I want Au Jus,Please!

Your Kidding me!

As huz and I discuss “issues” or “problems” at dinner. Problem refers to “hair problem” apparently. Some background huz shaved off all of his hair and told Moshie it might pop out again.:

It pop out.

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