Explorations of the Academic Kind

December 8, 2014

Besides annoying my husband with my low sodium diet. I’ve got ideas. Lots of ideas. Plan A has always been teaching-speech therapy. This plan has been disrupted for quite a while now, and it is annoying me. Since finally taking the GRE again and seeing the scores I’ve had quite the Epiphany. I’d never done so well on test sections before because of not getting extra time. Looking back on my high school transcript was enlightening, because my focus has been on the struggle I had to get good grades. I forgot what kind of grades I did get. Most were B+’s and A-‘s.

I’ve been exploring a few of wake tech’s science programs (they have women in STEM/ women only science and math classes) and NCSU’s Bioprocessing Science web page. Now, I’ve convinced myself I can do enough math to do the program. I passed with a A- to B+!!!! High school Algebra, trigonometry, Chemistry, and Biology  (and no accommodations for my LD/ADHD). I’ve rationalized it by saying to myself -if Kiddo doesn’t see women in Science how will she be successful. I love chemistry—aka for food and soap/ body products. So, I’ve put this under Plan B to C.


DH doesn’t really like parts of Plan B. *Gulp*, I’ve thought now that I have a kid, I want to *save* myself or at least my  “kid” wits for her, because the kids I usually teach aren’t the most well behaved. They kept me sweating and on my toes constantly and, I’d rather do Math than have to tame those gremlins all day.

Says, the girl who supposedly hates math.

I really need to play coopoly–any takers?


It’s Spring! Time to Garden.

April 23, 2014

Well, my photos are a whole year backed up in my drop box setting. Ok, so some of them are over a year old. So, I struggled and downloaded to get these pics. I’ve never used the gallery before so let us see how it works. My family has been having fun digging in the dirt and relaxing in the backyard.

Poise, Paws, Pause: Blogging Again!

March 18, 2014


In the last while a few moments have been full of WIN:

  • making my own soap


  • starting blogging again 🙂
  •  going out with some activist friends for some good eats and drinks
  • a kitten named Marble (My Son)


In an attempt to combine the last few things (except the cat) I turned a word vomit post into a more refined blog post for momsrising.org, which I am nervous about.  It’s personal and about education, where I use my personal experiences with my daughter to criticize our addiction to standards.  Please let us not also standardize preschool. I’m not sure if I should include the ADHD/ Sensory Processing issues I think run in my family. Enough of that.

I need to get back on the meditation wagon. Ten minutes seems like forever, yet I used to be able to do 30.

chaotic note

chaotic note

3 Keys to Being Happy, No Matter What Happens

Photography and Flubber

August 6, 2012

chaotic notes

These dharma cats are lovely.

Active Happiness




I just finished a Literacy Through Photography workshop this Friday and Saturday. The one spectacular thing I learned through the workshop is that I don’t need to buy a really fancy camera. I am feeling very artsy usually that would mean spending some money on something artsy but I think I will go  back through some images I’ve uploaded but never used here. They have reminded me of my love of wabi sabi.
Right now I am wishing I could be an artistic hermit which makes it interesting that I found this page describing wabi sabi.

I wish I could organize these photos better but here you have our flubber over time series….This could be Math and Science Through Photography! Sophia helped me mix the solutions and observed the chemical reaction before we played with it over time.


Repurpose Your Political Yard Sign

October 18, 2011

This is a visual How To Repurpose Your political Yard Sign…


wire frame of political sign
tape: clear packing or duct
contractors paper- u can buy at any hardware store or a paper bag may work

Step 1 and 2 get supplies, lay out contractors paper and put wire frame over your paper, cut paper when u have enough to fold over making two layers of paper…as seen in photos below

Step 3 fold side, top, and bottom of paper

Step 4 make your 2nd layer of paper/ 2nd side of sign by folding the paper in half

Step 5 tuck in last fold


Step 6 Decorate—Remember if u are using markers stick a bit of cardboard in between layers of paper to prevent them from bleeding through

Step 7 Done!


Later I may post pics of signs made for Occupy Raleigh and/or The Temple of Terror!


FTY: Warrior Spirit

September 2, 2011

Today I am giving a big Friday Thank You and shout out to:

  • the people of SMARI @ World Karate Do <–Scattermom u can find info here :)> It is exciting to almost catch up to my daughter with her white belt and red stripe. Maybe we will be ready to test for our Gold Belts together! They are helping me with my very own “Ain’t Skeerd mantra”!
  • Speaking of Ain’t Skeerd! Congrats to Daisy’s Dead Air on landing The Daisy Deadhead Show: broadcast on Saturday mornings (9-10am) in the Fountain Inn area, carried throughout much of upstate South Carolina. Her first show will be on September 3rd, which is lucky because it’s also the date in “Papa was a Rollin Stone” by the Temptations. Tune in to 1600 AM or 94.9 FM … also you can listen online at WFISradio.com. And thanks for the plug in Feministe’s comments when Spilt Milk guest posted.

In General News here at Chaos is Normal one yoga chair project had to be trashed and restarted but now is finished thanks to Kryten and his new airbrush. At first i bought a Re-store chair for 3 bucks but it was scratched in many places and needed too much extra work. Next i ditched that chair for a Sprawlmart metal folding chair and then followed this tutorial:

Kryten used some car putty after i sanded the sharp edges with a dremel then hand wet sanded it further. You cant even tell there used to be a back welded on there. Now i get to do a supported head stand that is safe for my neck. Yoga Chair for less than 60 bucks plus shipping!

Growing my romaine lettuce did not turn out as expected this year. </me needs to keep the seed packet to consult for harvest time> Unsure of when to pick it i waited too long and it got infested with buggers that could not be washed off. Kiddo and i are back at it again growing radishes this time which i’ve had good luck with in the past.

“Ideas under construction” are currently the Snap Wrap Dress, Console Table, and doing some volunteer reading coaching at a cutting edge fifth grade classroom!

Handy reminder I found via. scattermom—->


December 20, 2010

I’ve now crowned Persistent Parsley Queen of Trans-plants—-> In honor of the senate vote on repealing DADT. < I transplanted her this fall back into my window pot>  That there crown I made for kiddo without any directions except for the crown shape and  use of felt. I don’t think it is going to last that long and I don’t really care. While I love the site Juicy Bits and their crafts, I’m not really going to put that much effort into my crafts at least not for the first try. Mostly, I know if I expect my crown to look like hers I might will break a few things around the house.


I really love the idea of making a Dream Board like they did over at Girl Revolution.  Lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have the vocabulary to talk about my “mind-processes” very easily.  Which also means if I want to give mindful skills to my kid I better get the vocabulary like yesterday.

Money Flowers

Have you heard of money origami? I recently received some as a gift. They look pretty cool!

more chaotic notes

Must watch panel on Educational Entrepreneurship

Molly Bang
When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry.
Blue Sky Press, 1999.
Grades K–1 Picture Book

Mary Williams
Cool Cats, Calm Kids: Relaxation and Stress Management for Young People.
Impact Publishers, 1996.
Grades 2–5 Picture Book: The text and illustrations in this resource book show children how they can mimic the attitude and poses of cats in order to manage stress.

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