April 30, 2011

I want to thank my dad today for gardening and growing my family and neighbors food over the years. By doing it I knew I could too.

Dad and Baby Chaos!

I have dirt under my finger nails from transplanting my christmas tree and parsley.  I am lusting after basil and lavendar plants at Lowes Hardware. My younger self is cringing. The romaine is looking good. I’ve decided to plant some in pots and station them in front of windows when the weather gets too hot for them to be outside. Hopefully, I will be able to give away and eat most of the romaine I’ve grown.

Experimental Romaine in a pot.

The Garden

Kiddo is karate-ing and I am looking forward to joining when my tutoring stint is over. I started doing some of the strength training and stretching at home.

chaotic note

I realize I need to eliminate the word I in my writing and thinking. It has been said in certain yoga workshops I’ve attended that meditation students are often told not to use it for a year or more as an exercise.

Making Happy

November 24, 2010

I was having myself a little pity party. All this TSA theatre is bringing me down.Then I decided to re-read some of my meditation book Coming to Our Senses. I dunno but I think this is what Jon Stewart was trying to say in his interview with Rachel Maddow

from The Taming Power of The Small in Coming to Our Senses(link above)

We are wont to villify particularly egregious emergences of ignorance as evil. This allows us to assert categorically our own identification with goodness in contradistinction. It is a gross and ultimately unhelpful gloss, even if there are elements of truth in it. Both views, of others as evil and of ourselves as good, may be better characterized as ignorant. For both ignore the fundamental disease, the one that manifests in human beings when we fall prey to unawareness of the preciousness of life, and wantonly or witlessly harm others in seeking pleasure or power for ourselves.

Coming to Our Senses is going to be a book I buy to read again and again.

These vids/ orgs make me HAPPY!!


Electronic-Take Back Coalition

chaotic notes:

microscopic art slideshow (#8 is my favorite)

10 ways to be gracious

Opening to You: Zen Inspired Translations of the Psalms, Norman Fischer

RIP TJ the basil plant

November 9, 2010

TJ the basil plant has been put outside to die or heal or whatever. Can I order a miracle for a basil plant please? I love TJ. TJ smells so very good and has the best and brightest green leaves. I talked to my wonderous basil plant and begged it to keep on growing and also stop growing the silvery-black spots. After doing a little research. It seems to be a bacteria has infested this large-leafed sweet basil. Darn you, Bacterial Leaf Spot or Basil Shoot Blight.

In other herb news here at chez de chaos. I have replanted my beloved parsley and moved it indoors for the winter season. Butterflies ate you down to nubby stubs but it didn’t stop you. No your leaves are not as round and full and pretty and wonderfully smelly as TJ but I do love your pointy leaved persistence.

I have my parsley hanging on my wall with painters tape, paper bag, nail, and clothes pin. It makes for pretty decor if I don’t say so myself. Today I planted two sets of basil seeds and one set of cilantro seeds in memorial to TJ. I am still secretly keeping vigil for TJ because one time <at band camp> I had a basil plant that resurrected itself after a Western NY-post apocalyptic winter. Really I did. It was a hydroponic plant. I wonder if rosemary or thyme can grow as a house plant…

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