December 1, 2011

Our family enjoyed A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids. (picture above) It was a useful reminder to the whole family that we must build each other up or “fill buckets” because that is part of the changes we’d like see in our society.  I made up a bedtime story that mentioned buckets and I explained the Occupy Movement in terms she would understand. I mentioned this to one protester and she suggested that I write it. I added it to my list.


Daisy Deadhead suggested that I do a piece like hers on ‘the voices in my head or my spiritual side’, so I did. She called hers Deity Meeting Part 1. Here it is, entirely unedited.

Spiritual Chaos


Main Characters:
Mary- Mother of Jesus
Mary Magdalene (MM)
Thomas (Doubting)
Wisdom(spirit of Jesus, shethelor)
Rose Winslow

Minor Character(s):

Grizzy The Ferret
Ripple Blanket/Rug

Buddah: Please everyone get a cushion from the corner and gather in a circle around the rug. (the crowd settles in) Let us open this meeting with ten full breaths of meditation.

Thomas: But Buddah we are missing Gaia.

Buddah: Shall we meditate until she arrives and then take our ten breaths.

Rose: That would be a good idea.

Buddah: Everyone get comfortable.

MM: Gaia is always late.

Blessed Mother: She is a busy Goddess, please have some patience.

Thomas: We could be meditating for a half hour.

Blessed Mother: Thomas, she said Grizzy had a cold so she would be running a bit behind.

Thomas: I wish she would leave those horrid creatures behind.

Buddah: Looks at Thomas gently and shushes him quietly.
Thomas reluctantly closes his eyes with a sigh.

Fifteen minutes pass and Gaia enters.

Buddah’s eyes open and he welcomes her to the meeting and invites her for one minute of meditation.

The group hears a small jingling bell.

Thomas: (Mumbling) ……you didn’t bring one of those stinky ferrets again did you?

Rose and the blessed mother shift in their seats. After a minute Buddah thanks everyone for their meditation. Gaia opens the meeting. Grizzy jumps in her lap with a jingle.

Gaia: Today we are meeting to discuss demands. It has been brought to our attention that these are not working. We must go about things in a more gentle fashion.

MM: That must be why she is reading Verbal Judo. So far the plan is working. I say we keep up the good work.

Thomas: I disagree, I think we need to take a hard line with demands and put them in writing before this meeting is over.

Grizzy The Ferret: (Runs right over to Thomas and jumps on his foot, nosing it)  Put a sock in it Thomas or I’ll bite your ankle!

Blessed Mother: Grizzy that’s not appropriate. One more outburst like that and you are banned from eating rasins for eternity.

Grizzy The Ferret whimpers and jingle noises are heard all the way to Gaia’s lap.

Rose: We are a leaderful and nonviolent movement. We have to give J time to reread and outline Verbal Judo in order for it to be more effective. Thomas, look at this as an exercise in patience.

Thomas gets up and paces the room while mumbling and making hand gestures.

Rose: Blessed Mother, will you give us an update on the controversial Holiday Plans?

Blessed Mother: So far the kiddo’s birthday was good. It was low key and she complained a little about the lack of a large crowd but a good time was had. For a bonus there was a kitty cake. And going to the cousins house for a sleepover and Thanksgiving Dinner was an appropriate addition for the birthday. Kiddo has requested a big Christmas tree.

Thomas interrupts: This is where we need to take a hard line. We should and will have a Christmas tree.

Gaia: Everyone knows how I feel about cutting down a tree and sticking it indoors to die a slow death. I’d like to see if we could get a larger live tree we could plant somewhere after the holidays.

Wisdom: It is MY supposed birthday, as well as Winter Solstice. I think I should be able to decide. This matter needs to be tabled until the next meeting. Can we agree on that much?

“Yes” is heard all around the circle.

Wisdom: Blessed Mother please continue with your update.

Blessed Mother: The loft bed may be delayed until after Christmas due to the 6 to 8 weeks of shipping time. What about the addition of the slide?

Thomas: We can’t do anything until we get the bed but the slide looks like it might be a go. There’s a definite fun factor with an indoor slide. Kiddo should be excited. She will forget about the Holiday nonsense if she gets a slide. Temperature check on the indoor slide.

All fingers in the circle are wiggling in up position.

Thomas: Great! Meeting adjourned….

Buddah: Wait a minute. Let us pause and each find something to be grateful for.

MM: Please don’t make us share it this time. Remember what happened last time?

Gaia: We can do an optional share. Except for Grizzy the Ferret. He needs to share something he is grateful for.

Grizzy The Ferret: I’m thankful that for all eternity I have the freedom to talk and go wherever I wish. I don’t need no stinking cage!

Gaia: Wonderful Grizzy! I’m thankful that J got so excited about Toilet Paper being 40% post consumer recyclable paper! And for the years J did not cut a tree down for the holidays.

Buddah: Anyone else? Rose?

Rose: I’m thankful that J is studying to go back to school and/ or work.

Buddah: May we all discover and appreciate the opportunities we have!

FTY: MomsRising NC

January 7, 2011

Thanks Felicia and Beth!

I wanted to blog about this a week ago but didn’t. A few years ago I relentlessly posted about momsrising on a local message board for ‘mommies’ and on craigslist. <I did have one person respond about how moms need to step up and quit their high paying jobs to stay home and care for their kids and send their husbands off to work.>I collected emails of about six people and showed MomsRising’s Documentary (see below) at Felicia’s house.  Felicia and Beth came along with their mad organizing skillz to rescue me and took action! < Beth recently had a letter on preserving high quality childcare published in the News and Observer!> These ladies and a few others have been planning great things for momsrising NC. They have gotten a grant and are planning to lobby the nc legislature. Hopefully this year I will be able to be more involved.

I have been getting around more with my gps, which means less blogging. 😉

chaotic notes

Book of Interest:

Hands on the Freedom Plow: Personal Accounts by Women in SNCC

Crafty Chaos

November 26, 2010

chaotic notes

This year’s angel will be a snowy owl I make from give a hoot for the holidays pattern

other uses for owl pattern…..owLZ everywhere to remind me to be wise

i kinda want to put one on the back pocket of my jeans, heheheehe get it?

owl links for educating the kiddo

felt crown tutorial: thinking of alternate ‘super heroine’ ways to use the crown

Yoga Chair UpDate : Kryten has gotten a hold of the project totally. He’s using bondo (putty). nuff said. Here’s a pic of the painting rig.

Chaos Daddy Style

November 20, 2010

This post is brought to you by the ‘yoga’ chair we are currently finishing/diy while the kiddo plays with the neighbor kids. I am currently taking a mini-mommy vacation by thinking like a daddy. This means I will not compulsively check on the kids playing in my living room, and that I do not care about dinner nor the state of housekeeping in general. I am going to work tomorrow so I will let others worry about it. Hopefully I will not find that my child looks like a small version of freddy crouger and if I do Iwill keep my ‘daddy’ state of mind and not worry about it at all, letting her play around the neighborhood looking like that for the rest of the day.

Kryten and I shelled out about three hundred and sixty dollars for ‘drop in childcare’. This place had been around for about a year so we thought it might be safe to invest in it. We were supposed to get 200+ hours of kiddo care for things like going to the doctors and therapists that keep us acting like a relatively sane family. On our family roadtrip-vacation we learned that Stay and Play was closing and currently looking for a buyer. Sort of throws a monkey wrench into that whole acting like a relatively sane family plan. Luckily I signed kiddo up for a very nice preschool program. <thanks therapists/ doctors for talking Kryten into that for me, it was well worth the months of copays>

Stay and Play sold their computer/ consumer contact information and sent out a notice that a new facility was opening and would honor each hour we had purchased. This wasn’t exactly true. While each hour was honored we did not retain all the hours we paid for in total because that would have put the new business in a big hole. I totally understand this but because this childcare is a buisiness it is not reliable.

In this global economy when the nuclear family is isolated from its extended members it might be worthwhile to invest in some benefits that keep your middle class a little more sane and able to do the jobs we so precariously have. Dependable and affordable childcare might be a good place to start.


“opposing views of motherhood” via Feminist Law Professors

Thanks Mel….i love this quote!

Winnie had eating disorder, Piglet had generalized anxiety, Eeyore had major depression, & Tigger had ADHD.

life is short

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