Under Pressure

For a while I took advantage of cooking using every shortcut possible, all the while knowing the sodium content of my diet was pretty high. When I landed in the urgent care for High Blood Pressure I was not really surprised. So, for the last few weeks I’ve been making things more from scratch instead of using processed foods.

First, I didn’t order from Papa John’s. Instead I prepared my own white whole wheat pizza dough. Next, I used canned no-salt-added sauce to make my pizza. While googling no-salt-added tomatoes and other things in a can, I thought about my doctor saying that I shouldn’t eat anything out of a can. Then I kept coming across lists of canned goods that contained BPA liners. Now, I’ve switched to tomatoes from a tetra pack and tomato paste from a glass jar. I even had a few mushrooms on my pizza, which is a pretty big challenge for me, because I really dislike the texture.

Second, that led me to this list. I think the only thing I will need to find is organic potatoes. I’ve switched to organic apples already.

Making meals from scratch hasn’t been as hard as I was anticipating, but I do feel a bit more tired after dinner now. I also feel a little more entitled to help in the kitchen.

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