Poise, Paws, Pause: Blogging Again!


In the last while a few moments have been full of WIN:

  • making my own soap


  • starting blogging again 🙂
  •  going out with some activist friends for some good eats and drinks
  • a kitten named Marble (My Son)


In an attempt to combine the last few things (except the cat) I turned a word vomit post into a more refined blog post for momsrising.org, which I am nervous about.  It’s personal and about education, where I use my personal experiences with my daughter to criticize our addiction to standards.  Please let us not also standardize preschool. I’m not sure if I should include the ADHD/ Sensory Processing issues I think run in my family. Enough of that.

I need to get back on the meditation wagon. Ten minutes seems like forever, yet I used to be able to do 30.

chaotic note

chaotic note

3 Keys to Being Happy, No Matter What Happens

3 Responses to Poise, Paws, Pause: Blogging Again!

  1. So glad to see you here again! SOAP? I love homemade soap! I am deathly afraid of lye (grandmother terrorized me with stories about it) or I would try it myself.


  2. Did my comment go through? WordPress hates me.


  3. chaos says:

    funny, I feel like blogspot hates me! Yes, lye is dangerous. I’ve got a lab coat, face shield, and gloves. It’s all good! More soap in the next post.


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