FTY: Papa Carl’s Navy Uniform







Yesterday, Moshi and I went to the NC General Assembly. First thing I notice is the two Gigantic Ladies in the seal right outside of the Legislative Building.

I like NC’s motto:

“Esse Quam Videri”

Our State’s motto was adopted by the General Assembly in 1893. The Latin words “Esse Quam Videri” mean “to be rather than to seem.” The origin of these words is found in Cicero’s essay on Friendship (Cicero de Amicitia, Chapter 26).

I’m doing my best to make sure NC lawmakers are compassionate when it comes to issues affecting women and children, which is why I was letting Moshie wear her Great-Grandfather’s WWII Navy Uniform. I told her she was a Navy mail carrier and her job was to pass out mail to the legislative assistants.

She did great. We even got to work on our number places, since we were on the second floor we practised matching numbers in the 2000’s.Check out this story about our work in The Voter Update.

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