STY/FTY : Power of History and Questions

Kiddo and her dada have been watching Dogfights on Netflix, ok so I’ve been watching it too. They showed a B52 bomber and I mentioned to Sophia that my Grandma Mary used to make or as we say here….’tinker’ them. She seemed a bit surprised. Ever since then I’ve been looking at my trip to see her as a research opportunity! Yes, I will be interviewing my Grandma about her time making B52’s, as well as any other woman-centered family history she would care to share!  Looking at this site for how I ask the Questions. And I printed this pdf.

Random Lady (or not so much of a Lady) thoughts/ Questions:

women’s sexuality and reproductive rights= creative power of female community ——–>The less invested we are in taking care of our families the more time we have to create chaos 😉 !

why does motherhood isolate us?
why is it hard to accept another mothers decisions when they are different from your own?
Can difficulty in accepting another’s parenting decisions coincide with mutual respect?
Is there such a thing as going to far with beliefs/ philosophy….with the exclusion of imposing them on others bodies?
Can we let mothers create families and relationships without judgement?

chaotic notes



21 Protest Song Salute from Bill Moyers
Leaning Into Discomfort: Social Sector Leadership for the 21st Century

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