Repurpose Your Political Yard Sign

This is a visual How To Repurpose Your political Yard Sign…


wire frame of political sign
tape: clear packing or duct
contractors paper- u can buy at any hardware store or a paper bag may work

Step 1 and 2 get supplies, lay out contractors paper and put wire frame over your paper, cut paper when u have enough to fold over making two layers of paper…as seen in photos below

Step 3 fold side, top, and bottom of paper

Step 4 make your 2nd layer of paper/ 2nd side of sign by folding the paper in half

Step 5 tuck in last fold


Step 6 Decorate—Remember if u are using markers stick a bit of cardboard in between layers of paper to prevent them from bleeding through

Step 7 Done!


Later I may post pics of signs made for Occupy Raleigh and/or The Temple of Terror!


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