FTY: Happy Birthday to Me!

Some projects I’ve been contemplating and/or working on in FTY: Warrior Spirit that I have finished…(I am celebrating ME today!)

I got my red stripe!

This means I am getting ready to test for my Gold belt!

And I finally made a simple dress for the kiddo! I decided to buy a pattern instead of doing the wrap dress because it was a bit too small. This pattern only cost $2.99. And I have plans to make it out of a $2.99 purple sheet I bought at Goodwill. In the picture, the ruffle came from a sheet I found at a rave over ten years ago and the rest of the dress fabric I bought at Joanne’s.

kiddo's kitteh dress

Quick add/edit: Check out these signs the police took from the protesters occupying wallstreet

3 Responses to FTY: Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy birthday to the CUSP Virgo-Libra… speaking of balancing acts, that’s a tough one, alright. 😉 I forgot to wish you a happy birthday since I left for Texas on the 22nd, I usually catch em all!

    Hope it was good!

    And what a beautiful dress! Did you see the girly fan I got for my grandchild? She loved it! PS: Ignore those Barbie pics. 😀


  2. Today is the first day of the rest of your life..so don’t fuck it up


  3. chaos says:

    daisy- where can i find the pic of the fan? thanks for the b’day wishes bloggy friends 🙂


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