GRE Writing Prep

Here’s how my brain works on GRE writing Prep:

  • Hate on GRE writing section…I mean review test prep book on analytical writing. Think about my list of things I *really* want to do.

  • email my 2 paragraph attempt to Librarian/ English/ History awesome~~~~ Bad Ass Mom Friend <They got a shirt for us!> We can do better.
  • Fidget uncomfortably and uncertainly~~get up~~~~MOVE~~~~click on stuff~~~~mope about (p340, Cracking the New GRE2012) “And examples from history, literature, or current events are better than personal observations or experiences.” **Filed under know your audience**
  • call cousin (another BAM *unofficial*)….be informed of minor drama that makes me crazy
  • google immigrate to australia
  • think about getting tested for a learning disability AGAIN
  • Find final example essay and take apart their opening paragraph- breathe sigh of relief- realize this book was not formatted for one with ADHD tendencies because if it was there’d be more pictures and interesting type setting.
  • Give up and write this post because kiddo just got up from her nap.

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