Labor Day Weekend 2011

Labor Day Post sponsored by the Memory of Mother Jones

I have this picture posted above my desk in the room reserved for me and guests to my house. Yesterday I was sewing or as I like to think of “doing construction” at the desk and asking myself just what does her quote mean……? “Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts.”

I’ve been thinking of having another version of WWJD…WWMH(MJ)D? Often with my ADD I start things and never finish them. This mini- post was never published but still existed none the less.

what would mary harris “mother jones” do

In some ways I miss New York, strangely enough Western New York with its flavorful Women’s History. By no means do I miss the snow. Daisy’s recent post comments on geographical location of blogs. Even though I am not in WNY any more I am still greatly influenced by the area I have lived in.

When women organize it betters the community for example check out this Women’s Labor History Timeline.

Todays Quote from my planner: Organize, agitate, educate, must be our war cry. -Susan B. Anthony

I’m Late to the Feminist Mother Party over at Feministe

Instead of waiting to try and gather my Feminist Mother Thoughts in a more organized and intelligible way I am just going to spew them here because I probably won’t have time to gather them and write them in a pleasingly intellectualized way.

<Excuse me while I clean up yesterday’s dinners rice that is on the floor— my next door neighbor just showed up to play with my kiddo.>

Ok. Where is this cookie that you speak of? The elusive cookie….Ah Ha! that must be when people say “oh she’s so adorable” to me when I am in the supermarket or various other places. Or surely my (diet) cookie might be the assumption that I need to be more involved in kids school activities and exercise my kid more. And if I don’t work full or part time I am not a truly “Capital F” Feminist mom.

I remember filling out a survey for Feministing or Feministe saying I wanted to hear more moms voices and I do think I’ve heard a few more. Generally, I think childless women’s voices are more readily accessible and acceptable. <Goddess knows my punctuation sucks…I just don’t have time to care.> I also don’t have time to care if other people think my kiddo and I are taking up space that could be utilized in a more “productive” manner. To them I’d say….(from Yes! Magazine an article on Mindful Parenting)

It’s interesting to look at your children as live-in Zen masters who can put their finger on places where you’re resistant, or thinking narrowly, in ways no one else can. You can either lose your mind and your authenticity in the process of reacting to all of that stuff, or you can use it as the perfect opportunity to grow and nourish your children by attending to what is deepest and best in them and in yourself.

We’re not trying to erase conflict and send messages like, “Only harmony allowed in this family. Let’s all behave like little Buddhas.” That kind of requirement imprisons the family.

chaotic note

Working Class Heroes: 5 names to remember and Info on Labor Heroines look to right hand column under Biographies)

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