FTY: Warrior Spirit

Today I am giving a big Friday Thank You and shout out to:

  • the people of SMARI @ World Karate Do <–Scattermom u can find info here :)> It is exciting to almost catch up to my daughter with her white belt and red stripe. Maybe we will be ready to test for our Gold Belts together! They are helping me with my very own “Ain’t Skeerd mantra”!
  • Speaking of Ain’t Skeerd! Congrats to Daisy’s Dead Air on landing The Daisy Deadhead Show: broadcast on Saturday mornings (9-10am) in the Fountain Inn area, carried throughout much of upstate South Carolina. Her first show will be on September 3rd, which is lucky because it’s also the date in “Papa was a Rollin Stone” by the Temptations. Tune in to 1600 AM or 94.9 FM … also you can listen online at WFISradio.com. And thanks for the plug in Feministe’s comments when Spilt Milk guest posted.

In General News here at Chaos is Normal one yoga chair project had to be trashed and restarted but now is finished thanks to Kryten and his new airbrush. At first i bought a Re-store chair for 3 bucks but it was scratched in many places and needed too much extra work. Next i ditched that chair for a Sprawlmart metal folding chair and then followed this tutorial:

Kryten used some car putty after i sanded the sharp edges with a dremel then hand wet sanded it further. You cant even tell there used to be a back welded on there. Now i get to do a supported head stand that is safe for my neck. Yoga Chair for less than 60 bucks plus shipping!

Growing my romaine lettuce did not turn out as expected this year. </me needs to keep the seed packet to consult for harvest time> Unsure of when to pick it i waited too long and it got infested with buggers that could not be washed off. Kiddo and i are back at it again growing radishes this time which i’ve had good luck with in the past.

“Ideas under construction” are currently the Snap Wrap Dress, Console Table, and doing some volunteer reading coaching at a cutting edge fifth grade classroom!

Handy reminder I found via. scattermom—->

3 Responses to FTY: Warrior Spirit

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  2. I think we need asshole whisperers..


  3. chaos says:

    yes, i do believe we need a$$hole whisperers. I am not fit for that job.


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