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Where am I? Not Disney…

Neck deep in life balance questions from You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! Including such questions as What can I do well? what can I do adequately? what can’t (or shouldn’t I do)? while i simultaneously lust after Kate’s and Peggy’s other book ADDed Dimension

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articles on mindfulparenting, critical reading <–studying for the GRE and learning that different combinations of sentence types signify relationships between ideas.> Must have missed that in English class.

chaotic notes

From Rough Guide to Disney~ <my favorite parts>

It seems like a lot of what you end up doing as a parent is trying to figure out ways to save your children from you.

There’s usually one thought, from any binge, that will seem true even afterward, and sometimes for the rest of your life, and it was this, that if there’s no free will, as I more and more doubt there to be, we don’t need to go crazy with guilt and worry about our children. We’re not responsible for them. For their upbringing, yes, but not for their existence. Destiny wants them here. It uses us to put them here.

2 Responses to Not Disney

  1. Great quote! Reninds me of my favorite old hippie mama quote, which was on my baby shower cake (yes the whole quote!) if you can believe it:

    Your children are not your children
    they are the sons and daughters of life’s longing
    for itself
    –Khalil Gibran


  2. chaos says:

    love that poem! I need to print a copy of it out and hang it up.


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