Doing it All Wrong –isn’t this the definition of being female?

Reluctant writer is definitely how I’d describe myself these days. The sentences starting with I are getting on my nerves. I am not going to capitalize it any more dammmmit. i suspect they are infused with evil ego. So, i’d rather not write at all. The cute commas chase me wherever my sentences go. Wanting to put one here and there and everywhere. Dashes and dots and carrots clumped….. together  <i love>.  They can even make pictures ( , )

Kiddo has decided saying the word BUTT is bad. And even gross. She replies “i will cut my butt off”. <Hey, cut and butt rhyme—>we have been working on identifying rhyming words.> i tell her you would die if you cut your butt off.

BUTT i have dashed and dotted and thought-Ed myself into a silent still stupor. Trying to survive the next week is the name of my game.<Bob the Builder plays in the background. Bob and Wendy work so well together. They are a fictional cartoon.>

The sick has socked me. First HiM 2 days this weekend and then HER today. And the gremlins continue to give chase. <Thank the gods we’ve switched to Shaun the Sheep>


worst case scenario–i spend 500-800 bucks on educational testing to get accommodations for the GRE. i don’t get any. OR i do get them and i still don’t get into school <again. i’ve already tried twice.> it’s not worth wasting what little money/ power you have.

You said you would not take the hellish test again without accommodations. And that was without the writing portion of the test last time.

Positive Polly-Anna:

You won’t know until you try. If your risk pays off it could result in more money/ power for you and kiddo. You could try again without the testing/ accommodations and use your new meditation/ mindful skills.




One Response to Gremlin

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oy, *I* went through and looked at how many posts that *I* had started with the word *I*. Oy.

    But what the hell is wrong with ego? Ego can be a very good thing– after all personal affirmations is the meat of most of the self help books (and Stuart from SNL).

    500 dollars for testing? Why not try hypnosis first? And/or ear plugs to block some of the noise. It would still be cheaper to try those and see what happens before going the other route as the first method. KWIM?


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