FTY/ TTY: Extra Tough Mermaids

From Backyardigans Lyrics
From “Viking Voyage”
(tune: “The Yellow Rose of Texas”)
(Tasha solo)

Oh you probably think that mermaids are lovely, nice and sweet

We hang out in the water with tails instead of feet
Well yes, you’re right, I’m cute and nice, but when the sea gets rough
I’m not only beautiful, I’m extra, extra, tough! Hmmm…
I’m faster than a dolphin, I’m stronger than a whale
I can stop a Viking ship with one swish of my tail
Those Vikings look so stylish with helmets, vests and stuff
But I’m even more beautiful and extra, extra, tough! Hmmm…
I’ll trap those funky Vikings inside my mermaid lair
I’ll make them sing me Viking songs and probably keep them there
They might me great explorers, but that won’t be enough
‘Cause I’m not only beautiful, I’m extra, extra tough!
Yes, I’m not only beautiful…I’m extra, extra tough!
I’d like to learn how to play a simple tune to accompany this song, so I can sing it to my tough little mermaid.
From “Viking Voyage”
(Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua)

Rest my little darling, you’ve had a busy day.
The sun is a falling, and it’s time for me to say Hush…
Pablo and Uniqua:
Hush little mermaid, goodnight.
Pablo and Uniqua:
Hush little mermaid, sleep tight.
Close your eyes, close your eyes and lay down your head.
In your peaceful ocean bed, have a snooze, please, like I said
And hush…
Tyrone and Uniqua:
Hush little mermaid, goodnight, hush little mermaid, sleep tight
You’re feeling kind of sleepy
You’re feeling kind of loopy
Your fins are getting floppy
And your eyelids getting droopy
May your dreams be sweet as you fall into a snooze
Perhaps again we’ll meet but now we have to cruise, so hush…
Pablo & Tyrone:
Hush, little mermaid, goodnight
Pablo and Tyrone:
Hush little mermaid, sleep tight, hush… Hush little mermaid, goodnight
Hush little mermaid, hush little mermaid, goodnight

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