Resting in Silliness

This post is brought to you by the letter K.

K for karate…we have 45 minutes until we have to leave for it. My challenge is to write this post and let it go. Can I do it?

thought #1: It has been interesting to try and observe my mind with out my add meds due to the current shortage. Here’s how meditation went in my brain:

Listening to Guided Meditation/ Yoga Nidra Resting in Stillness mp3, hearing his voice……………

<%^&%^^&% insert static noise here *&^^*&^>Brain totally tuned out mp3.

“Mommy, I want……” hold on dear. Take care of kiddo need # 5,986,557.

OK, sit back down turn on mp3 player fuss with the thing start it again, even though I didn’t mean to. Feel slightly guilty because Kid is watching TV and I just took a shower and am now starting on attempting meditation for the 2nd time today.

Hear yoga dude’s voice again. <^%$&^5 more static (*&^%%^7> totally tuned out

During my second attempt at the body sensing portion, the whole right side of my body had a wierd swollen- huge feeling but you know it is just the medicine messing with your body. Except I haven’t had my meds. Wierd.

Dottie (my cat) headbutts me and purrs next to me. Pet the kitty and get up without finishing the meditation. The two attempts were good enough.

chaotic note

Activities kiddo and I did in the last few days.

Put together three new and different puzzles. Totally jazzed we did this together.

Baked a cake.

Played playdoh.

Played Gcompris mouse manipulation games

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