FTY: Lilly Ledbetter

Does anyone use the word “Broad” in the South, as in “she’s one tough broad”? As a member of “Bawdy Broad Records 07“.  I have to say that Lilly Ledbetter is one tough broad. Broad being used as a synonym for ‘kick ass lady’. Hearing her speak this Tues. at NCWU’s reception was truly inspiring. I feel like kicking my own ass into a more permanent part-time job.

I had Lilly sign Kiddo’s first baby shoes.

My friend Jackie accompanied me to hear Lilly Ledbetter speak. She is taking a leadership course and it was great to see her work the room! I forget the questions she was asking people to get to know them better. Jackie made a comment to Lilly about how teacher pay is remarkably lower compared to other professions despite degree, test, continuing education requirements, and costs. One reason for this pay difference is that there is a belief that women are not the head of household or the main breadwinners.

The facts are we are the heads of our own families. We live longer than men in general and therefore need the same if not more compensation for our contributions to society. We take more time off to care for family on both ends of life, after the birth of children and during the illnesses of those elders we love. Therefore we end up in poverty more than men. Women who do care-work should not be punished economically, yet this is what is happening continually.

More information on Lilly Ledbetter’s Story:

Story and (scroll down for video) video from WRAL’s interview from this past week.

2 Responses to FTY: Lilly Ledbetter

  1. Stephanie says:

    Too cool that you got her to sign the shoes! 🙂


  2. chaos says:

    Someday maybe she will understand why I got the shoes signed.


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