Every Mom is a Working Mom

I’m getting a little break from most of the work I do these days. I get a break from the ‘kid-care-work’ when I go to ‘tutor-work’.  In about two weeks I’ll get to have a break from both kinds of work in order to do some professional development, so I can renew my teaching certification. It’s going to be a vacation for my mind. I really enjoyed telling my husband about my little ‘vacation’.

Best email of my life:

I will be out of the ‘office’ on March 13, 14, and 15. I transfer all Kiddo care into your hands for these three days. This includes pick up and drop off to preschool and after preschool care. I am on ‘professional holiday’.

Sincerely and with Love
Your Wife


This week I did my first informal chat with legislative assistants at NC’s General Assembly. I explained how we wanted the Reps to keep kids in mind when they are making the budget. Check out the press MomsRising NC got! (Thanks so much Beth for your testimony and contacting the press.) I’ve been collecting names of organizations MomsRising NC might get a grant or recruit members from. It’s a long list.


4 Responses to Every Mom is a Working Mom

  1. Stephanie says:

    See, that email is perfect! Direct, amusing, and–best of all– in writing as proof!


  2. jackie says:

    did he scream ???


  3. chaos says:

    He said he was going to take a few days off of work 🙂


  4. Jackie says:

    This was just the chuckle I needed today. Love the email. I expect I might use that myself in the future.


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