Families Entitled

Each human life is entitled to…………. what exactly? Are we not all worth something?

What are women worth? Are we worthy of bodily autonomy?

“Pro-life” is lofty title IMHO, that mostly means… you poor not nice pregnant lady/ piece of garbage, don’t ‘kill’ your baby- give it to some more deserving well off infertile family. Really this society is pro-life. Really, this US ian society that will not even give its own people universal  healthcare and education, is pro-life? I really couldn’t have said it better than scattermom.

I wish everyone would focus their time and energy on the children that are living and breathing, cognizant that they are unwanted and abused, hungry and cold. As heartless as it may seem to some, a fetus cannot–and does not–consciously feel the loss of its life, because it doesn’t yet have the ability for conscious thought. But that 5 year old girl that is being raped by her father every night, after falling through the cracks of an underfunded, understaffed Child Protective Services department? Yeah, she not only has the capacity of conscious thought, but the ability to quantify her worth by those that aren’t helping her. If all of the moral outrage (and thus money and effort) funneled into anti-choice movements was redirected into domestic and child abuse programs, imagine the children–alive and miserable right now–who could be warm and safe tonight.

But social programs for the poor are too expensive. Right.


<“A War on Women”: GOP Bills Target Abortion, Family Planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services>

How about we take care of the lives we’ve destroyed in the name of spreading ‘freedom’ around the world, including families of veterans without trying to make them feel crappy?

Introducing Daddy Chaos, the original agitator! In baby form circa. 1968, at 18 or 19 years old.

chaos' dad

Families of Veterans Entitled

How many of us have fathers that are a shadow of who they were before they experienced horrors of war? How have their ‘war distorted’ interactions affected children and wives?< I love how scattermom puts it….”going through some stuff”. Scroll down to the pic of her and her dad start reading above there.> I was in a family forced to ‘go through some stuff’ post-Vietnam. It has cost my family one beloved son< my uncle>.  At one point I had to go ‘begging’ for healthcare while I was a graduate student. I could not afford my medicine. I was told ‘I have other more important/ urgent cases to deal with‘. And I just sat there, now I get steamed thinking of it. What if I had said to that case worker, my father is a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD, I am entitled to the medicine that helps me deal with the world, because he served this country. I am a daughter of this country, take care of your own! That would have felt powerful. Instead I said nothing.

For another example of  the Real cost of war, that each of us pay daily

My husband comes from a long line of blue collar workers. His grandfather was a World War II vet who gave part of his leg to the cause. His father a Vietnam War vet lost to alcoholism. My husband was a fatherless boy. In many ways he paid the ultimate price. A price that continues. He says repeatedly, “It’s the middle class that built this country, NOT the rich, and it’s the middle class that sends its children to war.” . . .

The middle class is dying, schools are being resegregated, and banks are fat as ever. Yet we are attacking women, trying to redefine rape and cutting social programs. <Obama’s $3.7 Trillion Budget Calls for Military Spending Increases and Deep Cuts to Social Service Programs>

And so I look to the historical record that gives examples of ships/ empires so big and heavy, the only thing left for them is to sink.

Could Climate Change Have led to the fall of Rome?

Great Mother (nature) how I revel in your awesomeness. <Now, where’s my fire to dance around>

Dare to Dream

Starhawk: Organizing for Power

4 Responses to Entitled

  1. Stephanie says:

    Aww… thanks for the shout. That twitch about abortion is one that I’m going to get printed on a t-shirt. Maybe.

    And schnickey– you look like your Daddy! 😀


  2. chaos says:

    if you get it printed i wanna order a shirt


  3. jackie says:

    yup..the right to lifers only care about the fetus till it’s born, then all bets are off.


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