FTY: Kiddo Art

Kidart and playdoh has saved my sanity countless times. Today is one of those days. The drawing is from a picture book called Lost in Spice.

Art gives everyone a way to make dreams come to life.

Dare to Dream

I’m dreaming of someone from the US government saying this one day….

Most of the women who’ve made it into top management positions say that although they also used to be against quotas themselves, they now believe that women can’t get by without them. I was the same. I used to sing the praises of the right to choose. But I’ve now learned that you sometimes need a law as a catalyst for change. For decades, there was absolutely no change in the number of men taking paternity leave. But within two years of making men eligible to receive state funds while taking paternity leave, the figure has increased six fold.

from—Speigel Online:  Labor Minister von der Leyen on Gender Quotas: ‘The Business World Has Simply Stood Still’

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