NC Women United

NCWU Wake County Women’s Agenda Assembly meeting was today. There were some hard realities to come to terms with.  This is the first time in 100 years that Republicans have control of both arms of the legislature. I wasn’t expecting it to be an emotional event for me but, well I tend to be an emotional person. Speaking in this group felt powerful <more so than my usual yammering>. Women representatives from all different types of local politically active groups were present throughout the large group.

I can’t say enough how I appreciate NCWU’s work to get all of these groups together to talk about a Women’s Agenda. I missed some of the first speaker but she had mentioned that the organizer behind Dr. Kings march on Washington has egregiously been left out of history because of his sexual orientation. His name is Bayard Rustin.

Daisy posted about Roe a few days ago and her story immediately popped into my mind when I got Raleigh-NOW’s flyer advertising an event called “Where have all the clinics gone?”. I wonder if any have gone, yet? I’m thinking this is just preparation for the slash-and-burn cuts. And again I thought of Daisy when I saw Roe’s Lawyer is quoted in the AAUW’s brochure.

It’s so easy to get caught in the bubble of what exists for me currently and overlook what many women face throughout the US and in NC. that is why I appreciated the hard facts on NCWU’s brochure- titled “why our work continues”. <I can’t find the stats easily to link on the web.><edited to add/ I could only snatch a few and paste/ thanks Nancy for linking to the brochure>

  • Women make up 51% of North Carolina’s population. There are more than 4,700,000 women living in North Carolina today.
  • Women in North Carolina earn 80¢ for every $1 earned by men.
  • 52% of women who need contraceptives services and supplies in North Carolina rely on publicly supported contraceptive services.
  • 101,076 calls were placed to local domestic violence crisis lines in FY2007. In 2010, there were 73 domestic violence homicides in NC.
  • 18% of North Carolina’s women of child bearing age fall below the federal poverty line.
  • Women represent 22% of the North Carolina legislature, with 38 women out of 170 members of its General Assembly.

The quote on feminisim that I like so much………….was present:

Before I sign off on this entry I want to mention an activist training I attended a few weeks ago.<Trying to expand my bubble> I WISH, really really wish, I would have said something encouraging to the student from China who was attending because she wanted to do something about pollution in her home town. I’ve been thinking about her especially after seeing a video where they mention The US sending our recyclable plastics to china to be burned/melted down.

Dammit, where is that Easy button?

chaotic note

Yellowdog Grannie posted about the Greenpeace Blimp that flew over the Koch’s conference

From Facing South—> (about my home county) N.C. school board engineered by conservative benefactor draws civil rights scrutiny

2 Responses to NC Women United

  1. Jackie says:

    Jean, Ugh…I can’t believe I missed this. I love the quote you’ve posted – and I’ll be putting it on my own vision board, to remind me throughout the year of it’s naked truth.


  2. Thanks for the post! The NCWU brochure is posted at [It had fallen off the web site — thanks for the prod to put the new version back up.]


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