FTY: Internet Video

I like internet video, more than I like cable.  Here’s a few thoughts I’ve had lately…

What’s going on in the gulf in 2011? Kindra Speaks

Shouldn’t what’s going on in the Gulf still be national news?

TED: intersection of economics and ecology @ plastics aka Don’t feel all that good about recycling plastic.

I think it is that time in the season for me when I start feeling crappy. Currently my kid has six open kiddie paint containers next to me. <I really want to yell at her about putting the caps on>  All I can picture is the paint getting all over my clothes somehow. I’m off to NCWU’s Wake County Agenda Assembly tomorrow morning. I’m sure I will have tons to say after the meeting.

chaotic note

Another org I like: Environment North Carolina

5 Responses to FTY: Internet Video

  1. Ashwaghanda! For Seasonal Affective Disorder! (check the acronym!)


    This time of year, 800 mg for me, till the sun is out for a decent amount of time. I couldn’t function without it.

    It’s at your local EARTH FARE! 😀 (not sure exactly where you are, but EF started in NC so should be one somewhere around there!)


  2. jackie says:

    I just came by to say howdy..to sick to do more than check in..hi..see ya


  3. chaos says:

    thanks for commenting ladies. I will have to check into that supplement. Jackie feel better 🙂


  4. […] Before I sign off on this entry I want to mention an activist training I attended a few weeks ago. I WISH, really really wish, I would have said something encouraging to the student from China who was attending because she wanted to do something about pollution in her home town. I’ve been thinking about her especially after seeing a video where they mention The US sending our recyclable plastics to china to be burned/melted down. […]


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