Thank You Martin Luther King

Organizing for America wants to send me a Thank You Card. Organizing America wants me to get involved again. Organizing for America wants my money. Organizing For America wants my opinion—> ok I will bite on that last one.

My blurb to Organizing For America:

Since canvassing for Obama before he was elected,  I’ve discovered we need to follow the money in politics. Nothing gets accomplished for the people when big interests with big money have all the influence. We must change this because it is demoralizing to the people. We need to increase taxes on the very richest Americans so we don’t have to cut services for the poorest or those who don’t have voices, like children.
As someone who worked very hard to get Obama elected I am disappointed in the system itself, and it is hard to keep being optimistic for the people  in the face of overwhelming power and money.

MLK would surely agree. Your sacrifice is not forgotton.

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