The ice-in of ’11

Ice Ice Baby :/ day #2 No Preschool

We like our schedule that we just got on. Preschool three mornings a week and mommy works four afternoons into the evenings a week. I like preschool, Sophie likes preschool. When there is no preschool there are no ‘friends’ to play with. And the friend next door happens to be sick. We made it both days so far with no nap on either of our parts, except I did kind of play ‘dead’ in kiddo’s bed. At least I got a little rest.

There is ice melting both inside and out here where chaos is normal. It’s melting all over the floor because of our broken refrigerator. We had been thinking it needed to go. Still we hoped it would last a few more months.When we came back from our Christmas Road Trip the water dispenser was broken. We took it as a bad omen. I did get to flex my awesome library skills looking up consumer reports 2011 guide and pulling it up online and at home. 🙂  I surely did say “yes, I know I am both beautiful and brilliant”, as I handed Kryten the consumer report pages I printed.

This lock and load and ‘surveyor-cross-hairs” stuff has got my panties in a bunch. My official opinion is this is what happens when we cut mental health services and have very open gun laws. Reclusive leftist made an interesting point about Sarah Palin being the new target for misogynist haters, like Hillary used to be. But I wonder how that plays out around the world. Were there Margaret Thatcher Haters at the same level? And what about other female politico’s around the world. The US certainly has a unique culture but not THAT unique. For sure the ‘left’ uses violent rhetoric, but when was the last shooting done by a confirmed ‘leftist’? Gosh, did that sound like I was defending Palin. I would never do such a thing. For the record I dislike her and most everything that comes out of her mouth.

Love the Shakesville Quote of the day

The two most common responses to violence in the U.S. are to ignore it or be entertained by it.”Bob Herbert, in another great column (although TW for ablist language), in which he OMG treats as self-evident the idea that violence doesn’t exist in a hermetically sealed place separate from violent rhetoric.

Herbert also notes, quite rightly, that the next step is treating seriously the fact that we are “a society saturated in blood,” where “more than a million people have been killed with guns in the United States since 1968, when Robert Kennedy and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were killed.”


Her Choice, Really?

Education, learning differences, and gender have all had a hand in my ‘choosing’ a profession.

Education and its steadfast adherence to two dimensional learning styles stifled my interest in mathmatics and science early. If it wasn’t for my dear mothers perseverance I am sure I would have been a kid who struggled greatly with reading.  I certainly have the tenacity and curiosity of a math and science geek. Alas, I am still finding my own niche in connecting science, learning, speech, and hearing. In this economic climate I’m feeling quite discouraged about pursuing further education considering my families current deficit due to our already expensive educations. At the same time I don’t feel like I can ‘raise’ a family and go back to what I was doing before I had a child.

I really hope an opportunity I have for flexible work comes through.

chaotic notes


Letter from a Teacher

2 Responses to The ice-in of ’11

  1. Stephanie says:

    “when we cut mental health services and have very open gun laws”


    And the fact that there is a strong contingent of folks that think Sarah Palin is… well, smart. Rational freethinking not so much a large part of American society, sadly. Further proof that there is always some dumbass with a dick who will do whatever the pretty girl tells him to. Most unfortunate, IMO.


  2. chaos says:

    maybe as a society if we have open gun laws we should choose to very carefully help people maintain mental fitness…
    that might be making good choices 🙂


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