a chaotic writing process

chaotic notes

Eagerly wanting to watch Tony Porter’s TED women’s speech <hat tip to shakes community> /me TRYING TO FOCUS…on my own shizz while waiting on dh to look over my family craft-gift idea

I feel like this is more useful if I am sharing my writing process here, so bear with me….

I may need to start over with a cohesive thesis going back to the three things the writing center taught me to use, which of course I cannot remember off hand and I need to log out and log back in to my computer so I can access it under my login. <argh>

Rough Draft #2 of letter mentioned here

Thank You for reviewing the materials I have sent previously. While the Mindfulness for Professionals class does not directly mention teachers in its course materials, it has been developed with care giving professionals in mind.

During the course of my own public education I was told many times to “pay attention”. This same phrase is uttered in classrooms several times a day. What exactly does it mean to “pay attention”? To be mindful means to pay attention on purpose, with intention, in the present moment, in a friendly and non-judging way. Inviting teachers to examine their own process of ‘paying attention’ can have a positive impact on students performance in the classroom.

Being a role model for students is an important part of what it means to be an effective teacher. In order to practice and embody the seven values set forth in character education handbooks. It would be necessary to cultivate many or all of the seven essential attitudes for mindfulness practice as they are presented in the Mindfulness for Professionals class.

Classroom behavior is often dependent on the teacher cultivating equanimity on a classroom level. Equanimity is even-mindedness or composure in the face of stress. Mindfulness training helps one recognize and accurately label emotions while also increasing the ability to control emotional reactions.  When a teacher is able to correctly perceive what is happening in the present moment and keep composure they will  quickly be able to respond in a manner that will restore equanimity.

When mindfulness has been taught at the elementary and middle school level it has had positive results. Two studies in particular have shown positive results. Association for Mindfulness in Education  resource page

<study #1> Mindfulness Training for Elementary School Students: The Attention Academy, Dr. Maria Napoli, Journal of Applied School Psychology, 2005

<study#2>Tai Chi and mindfulness-based stress reduction in a Boston Public Middle School
Robert B. Wall M. Div., MSN, Journal of Pediatric Health Care, Volume 19, Issue 4, July-August 2005, Pages 230-237

~~~~~~~~ rephrasing of above to use in closing
In learning how to cultivate our own attentional processes teachers will be able to more effectively capture and cultivate these behaviors in students.

<% of kids that suffer from chronic medical conditions in public schools……> possible mention in opening

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