“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein

I would really like to take Mindfulness for Professionals at Duke Integrative Medicine and have it count toward my teacher licensure renewal credits, of which I need 12.5 by June 2012. I sent all the information to the appropriate agency and the class was rejected. Now I sit at my computer with a very rough draft of my letter explaining how Mindfulness for Professionals would be applicable in a K-12 environment. Where is my easy button? Wisdom is applied patience <so the zen masters say>.

I could just choose a few other classes to present to them or forget about this Mindfulness in Education all together. Why not try and write a professional letter? You feel me trying to rationalize writing this letter. Oh the frustration. <ADD brain—>it’s ok to be frustrated.> <I am totally empathizing with Kiddo about why she doesn’t want to trace stupid letters or count at home for me.> Instead I sit here blogging my feelings.

Yesterday, I read that the Dalai Lama smiles and laughs and tells lots of jokes. I need to read up on these jokes that he tells. Do you think he’s got a joke book?

chaotic notes

possible tie in to NC Character Education???

Elements of Character Education

CARE for Teachers: Cultivating Awareness and Resilience in Education

One Response to Opportunity

  1. […] Draft #2 of letter mentioned here Thank You for reviewing the materials I have sent previously. While the Mindfulness for […]


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