Listening 101

Listening 101 ADHD style =

<I’m pairing this post with kiddo art. Because what is less threatening than a little kids drawing?>

My Notes from The Lost Art of Listening by Michael P. Nichols- Chapter 6:

I’m reading this book because the professional development book I am also reading suggested it. <Non-fiction, how I can read you if I am reading 5 books at a time><ADHD and Good Notes> Sometimes at home I cannot stop my mouth from opening and words flying out~ like blatant spot on psychoanalysis of my partner. Poor Kryten, I think he’s gotten so used to it. it just echoes off his metallic finish.

How Emotionality Makes us Defensive. <I really like how they outlined many key sentences in bold.>

Were most reactive to the things we secretly accuse ourselves of. <ding, ding, ding>

TONE of voice counts and can turn a request into a tirade. <I really do this when I talk with kiddo. bless Krytens cold metal heart. He tries to get me to notice.>

When we are talking we hear what we feel not how we sound.

p.103 Try to figure out what the person (who’s upset) might be feeling and say it in a way that invites him/her to elaborate. Acknowledgement of position allows a person to open and actually hear.

It’s easy to fake listening.

Rivermonster in bathtub crayon 10/10 by kiddo

I imagine this is how the river monster feels after he has been with a good listener.


chaotic notes


Not listening is a silencing mechanism, too. from Silence isn’t Golden

Can I listen to myself and stay focused?

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