Delusions of SocioEconomic Status

Thanks Suburban Guerilla

Class Warfare separates Middle-Lower Classes. Quote from Ezequiel Adamovsky, author of The History of the Middle Class

the capitalist political system is about separating those two classes in different fields, I think that the most important challenge that we have, politically speaking, is to reunite part of the middle class with lower class in new kind of bonds and links of solidarity.

I wanted to insert a clip from Weeds but I can’t find one. Here’s a description— The Addiction Clinic finds out Celia has faked having insurance. She gets transported from the nice detox facility that is mostly middle class, to the ‘sister’ center where she meets ‘long time drug addicts’ (lower class). She doesn’t stay there long after seeing who is treated there.

Cake Analogy describing the “class” divide from Echidne and link to a HuffPo Article

social security judges facing violence

Chaotic Notes:

“The major barrier to a loving relationship with another person is an unloved part of yourself.” ~ Conscious Loving

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