Radical Sensitivities

This post was inspired by Klonke’s Paramis of Mass Arrest. I read her blog and love her about and friendly users guide!

from her about page linked to previously

kloncke (klôngk!)

rhymes with “honk,” “wonk,” and “badonkadonk.”

v.intr.  To mindfully blog for social and spiritual liberation.

n.  A participatory memoir.  A blog dedicated to kloncking.

I love the whole definition and the playfulness of those two pages. While I try to blog mindfully I am a beginner at meditation/ mindfulness. In reading Paramis of Mass Arrest I was very moved when she cites MLK and how he comes to terms with being a “creative extremist”.

It’s not news to me that my politics are considered radical. When I lived in western NY I was called a ‘scary’ liberal. Legalize drugs. prostitution. outlaw war. You know, it is really not that radical. There are places in this world that have done some of these things.

The root of my so called radical politics are being a HSP <highly sensitive person>,former premature infant, and having ADHD. In this ultra-technological/ over-poplulated society I feel like I am tuned into mass suffering almost constantly. Which usually makes me want to huddle in bed.

I think I’d rather be considered radically <or chaotically> creative. I wonder if MLK would have been considered “Highly Sensitive”.

Notes/ Links of Interest

Can I go beyond fear and hope?

Liking the music on lovethislife.net

Taking do not give up to a creatively chaotic level and not just for blogging!

I survived my kiddo’s birthday party. Felt very socially awkward even though it was my peeps. I have lots to reflect on. We were late. It was great!

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