Social Justice For All

From the Autobiography of Mother Jones Clarence Darrow:”This <the labor movement> contest is one of the important contests that have marked the progress of human liberty since the world began.Every advantage that the human race has won has been at fearful cost. Some men must die that others may live. It has come to these poor miners to bear this cross not for themselves alone but that the human race may be lifted up to a higher and broader plane.”

<Italics are mine>

While I was surfing some mom-bloggers I found the following heartbreaking entry The Kid with Superpowers of Invisibility. It got me thinking…. are we ‘the masses’ invisible to corporations, media, and government? We spend so much time passively sitting in classrooms or consuming media or other forms of ‘consumer culture’. I feel lulled into in-activisim <or click-activisim>. And helpless when I think of organizing something on my own or blazing a trail…(like this quote from a Florida teacher’s letter)

The message comes in loud and clear that a group of people in business suits can more effectively determine how to provide exemplary instruction than I can. My expertise is waved away, disregarded, and overlooked. I am treated like a day-laborer, required to follow the steps mapped out for me, rather than blaze a trail that I deem more appropriate

At one time disabled kids were not treated as kindly as they are now. Parents still fight to have their kids included into regular classrooms. Some progress has been made. Certainly not enough to make Redneck Mommies son visible during Halloween.

We US’ians are fearful of “entitlements” like social security, disability, truly supporting our veterans and dare I say inclusion. Why? Because we think we/and others don’t deserve them? And we want to hide from what scares us?

Sometimes I feel stuck in a Wayne’s World skit….


ADHD in action while surfing mom blogs
These moms inspire me because they are honest  Most confessional Mom Bloggers —–>Also I surfed the funniest and of course the most controversial

Eventually I get to Free Range kids– gee they both have sons- <free range girls? Bueller!> which leads me to remember

mind in the making<—-gotta read this book

which also reminds me of that new book on gender that just came out—mr google what is the name of that book? Delusions of Gender

I read Dr. Sax’sWhy Gender Matters and he almost had me convinced until I started reading about Delusions of Gender.

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