I’ve read and re-read parts of Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron. Seems like every page I open to is a lesson I need engraved upon my inner eyelids. Today I opened and re-read Chapter 8: Discovering Natural Openness. In this chapter she mentions the story of Larry Trap and Michael Weisser, which appeared in Time Magazine circa. 1992. I’m inserting a link here especially for Scattermom, an example of “rocks to dust”. I think we may be going about it the wrong way. 🙂

Curiosity and unknowing (what you think you know) seem to be the rocks, on which, my brand of beginner meditation is built upon. Here’s where I paraphrase….and include <inner dialogue>.

I can drop fixed ideas that limit me by giving my “hooked, triggered, spin cycled’ brain a pause with 3 conscious breaths. <Really? Just 3? Really! Lizard brain/Amygdala doesn’t like all that pausing.> I can acknowledge whatever I am feeling as the dynamic and fluid energy of life without acting. This is my neutral moment. <I can hear my inner hamster wheels squeeeeeking> It can go either way. I can pause and slow down in this moment to choose another way instead of strengthening old responses. I can look at the sky <oooh fluffy clouds!!!> to help remind me of this ever changing energy around me.

I’ve been getting Maximum Meditation Mileage when I force myself to sit still and do ‘nothing’. How is it that doing ‘nothing’ can be so difficult? I am going to need next Saturday’s Day of Mindfulness tune up. This post is brought to you by the following Northern Sun bumper sticker. (It’s not really but I like their wares.)

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