Friday Thank You

It's a work in progress.


Today I’m giving thanks the for the following, husband, mama, the Lynds, and Stewart/Colbert. Find out more about them in the links below.

Husband confronts abortion protesters

Mexican Police Chief is one Tough Mama

Hedges: Meet Progressive Heroes for the Beaten, Foreclosed On, Imprisoned Masses
The Lynds, a progressive activist couple, have spent their lives among the oppressed

p3 Evidently the cultural creation of racial identity can work in more than one way. Among the Lucasville rebels, the process didn’t separate the races, but overcame racism. Not since the early 1960s in the South have I experienced as much interracial solidarity as I have among convicted prisoners which the state of Ohio considers ‘the worst of the worst.’ ”
The same solidarity took place among soldiers in Vietnam who protested the war,” he said. “This is instructive. People draw on their cultural resources, on their music, traditions and symbols** in radical or revolutionary conflicts. It is natural that blacks and whites would initially organize separately. But in Vietnam, or a supermax prison, troops and inmates face a common danger and a common enemy. It is easier to overcome cultural barriers.

The danger in the wider society is less defined. It is more diffuse. This is the reason it is harder to bring groups together. But this is what must happen. Too many movements are directed from the top down. They are not rooted in local communities. It is we who should be building local movements to tell those in power what to do, not the other way around.” (Italics are mine)

I think this last paragraph is how the US left lost the working classes. The “right” is clearly drawing people with a certain fears. If I can quickly and not exhaustively explore these fears….the brown people/people not like me<gays> are scary , government, and a perceived lack morality. Within this there are so many contradictions. We don’t want big gov’t but they should regulate what a woman can or can’t do with her own body. If we can find a way to exploit these contradictions by using “cultural resources, …traditions and symbols” **. It might just come down to good marketing.

Maybe the Stewart/ Colbert rally is the best we progressives-moderates have to draw on as far as a cultural resource, tradition, and symbols. The Rally to Restore Sanity still qualifies as a top-down movement. 😦 We US’ians can get off our butts for Entertainment!   Really, I don’t care why we get off our butts if it will benefit Progressives.

Can’t wait to hear Scattermom recount her time at the Rally to Restore Sanity!!

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