Full Moon and the Korny Maze

Saturday we went to a Korny Korn maze that was “6 Acres and had over 2 1/2 Miles of Paths”. I felt a bit like I did in Falling when I wanted to hibernate but again I took the leap. There was no napping for Kiddo prior to. I wasn’t prepared for two miles of trails either. After we finished the first section kiddo was done. I spent a few minutes talking her into going to the end. The last section we carried her through. I hadn’t even planned on going to the maze at all but it was a beautiful day so I let Kryten talk me into it. While there we ate some fried dough/ funnel cake.

Like the subtle book title placement? 🙂

The moon has been an awesome and inspiring sight the last few days. As my energy is waning I feel drawn to acknowledge those lessons that keep coming back to me. My hope is that each time I learn these lessons it will be a little less painful. I wrote two things on a piece of paper that I wanted to purge from my life. I took my black box out in the moonlight with my papers and I burned them.

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