Skull Kitteh Cycle

The last few days have been a little rough. I can’t seem to get myself to sit down to meditate. Skull Kitteh Cycle has reared her head. It seemed to coincide with the full moon. I know my progesterone took a itty bitty dive. Below is a pic/ description of my cycle 🙂 Maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration but it’s a good description of what happens to me. And why I lost my last two pregnancies. My progesterone levels seem to be a little off. Even ‘normal’ hormonal changes absolutely have an effect on ADHD.

It has been difficult asking for assistance during these times of emotional turbulence. I know it is a way I can care for myself. If I don’t I get cranky and lash out in anger at those around me. Imma sign off now and go get some ‘maximum meditation mileage’. This is where I sit and observe where the skull kitteh cycle takes my mind. Happy Trails!




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