Skating and Biking

I’ve been not so patiently waiting for my roller skates to come for my Halloween getup. I wanted to be a roller girl for Halloween last year but I could not find skates to use. So this year I ordered the skates. Now I am not sure if they will make it in time for the big day. My grand plan is to get Moshie so excited about getting her own pair of roller skates that she will forget about her fear of riding her bike. So the bribe is I will get her a pair of skates if she rides her bike several days in a row, with her daddy!

Because I am a most wonderful and mindful mommy I put her outside on her bike with helmet, on a hill and told her to peddle. Well we had not covered the art of braking and whooooosh-crunch. Off she rolled gaining speed and smack right into a mailbox head first. Have I told you how grateful I am to bike helmets.

How I’m feeling about this bike incident…like a Creep. I’m sure this is psychologically worse on me then it is on her.

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