Lost and Found

I was wondering why I had so much time to blog lately and it turns out that I left my big black planner downstairs in a corner. Pictured on my desk above with The Lost Art of Listening. This is where I hash out my daily to do lists and activities. To say I have been feeling a little lost lately is to put it mildly. Anyhoo, it’s been good to just do some creative writing.

Seems like I’ve been on a non-fiction roll lately. I got The Lost Art of Listening from the library a few days ago and I have read two chapters. I did finish Taking the Leap by Pema Chodron but I haven’t blogged or processed what it means to me just yet. I plan to go back through it and write more about it.

Yesterday I listened in to a Mom’s with ADD recorded conference call via ADDiva. The homework saga they spoke about was chillingly familiar. I remember being an elementary school kid and only having enough energy to hold it together for a little unchallenging/ interesting homework. Mostly this call was comforting because at least I know I’m not alone when it comes to these issues.

A few days ago I found this article: ADHD is a Genetic Neurodevelopmental Disorder scientists now have direct evidence of this. And there may be some biological overlap between ADHD and autisim, especially on chromosome 16. I hope these findings take away the stigma mentioned in the article, that ADHD is caused by “poor upbringing and a diet with too much sugar”.

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