WhiteFlight, Schools and Mortgages

As I read:

Why Germany Has It So Good — and Why America Is Going Down the Drain…….Germans have six weeks of federally mandated vacation, free university tuition, and nursing care. Why the US pales in comparison.

Daisy Dead Head’s post has haunted me. I’ve already commented twice but I’ve got more to say.

If you compare your quality of life and the prospective quality of life for your children with the German quality of life, things are only getting worse. To cite just one example, economist Robert Frank talks about the fact that American families end up moving into neighborhoods they can’t afford because that’s where the good schools are, and I’m sure this played some role in the mortgage collapse.(p.7)

I think lots of white flight had to do with not bigger houses but better schools. And now where I live Wake County NC is rescinding its socio-economic diversity policy that was cited in Time Magazine as a way to desegregate schools fairly. I can’t find a link to that particular article anywhere. I did find this TIME article Linking white flight and education in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  More than anything I want my kid to be successful in school. And I don’t want her on a school bus unsupervised for a good amount of time because that is where many punishable incidents happen. I know I was a teacher.

2 Responses to WhiteFlight, Schools and Mortgages

  1. I’m gonna write about that soon, so stay tuned. Not sure when, since I have had NO time lately.

    Writing about my kid on the school bus, and how I got that WEIRD HUM in my ears (about half a dozen times in my life, always preceding Irish temper-flip-out of Biblical proportions) when I heard my kid was being bullied… went and pounded on the door of the bullies’ parents, all 5’3″ of me, as Amazonian parents come to door and my daughter says my voice sounded like, well, damn scary, as (first visit) I shrilly announced “I hope there aren’t anymore problems?!?!” and (second and last visit) I got very loud and hyper-shrill, like a barely-controlled psycho: IS THERE SOME PROBLEM? WHAT IS THE PROBLEM??????

    My daughter was humiliated by my redneckery at the time, but after talking to her recently about the event, she thanked me since the giant bully finally stayed AWAY (like, far away) after my second crazed visit to mom’s house. But my daughter didn’t admit that to me that at the time, just that it had stopped, and so I let it go. Looking back, she says it worked like the proverbial charm…and with her kids, she says she will likely be the same. Hereditary tempers! Bad role model!

    It’s a shame that’s what it takes, but at the time, yeah, I was ready to rumble.

    I DID NOT want my kid on the bus but had no choice at the time. If you are insane like me, you can stop them, but not everyone is, you know?

    Love ya! 🙂


  2. chaos says:

    oh, daisy this makes me love you even more. I wish there was a video of what you’ve described.


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