Wandering Weasel

This post was inspired by Garbage and today’s rain.

So yesterdays post was supposed to include three books, ha. Well at least I got a post up there. I like to wander or as I see it explore all possibilities. If there’s a crack under that door, I could weasel my way through. It’s why I love ferrets.

Today was a back to basics day. I cooked one of my favorite meals. My thoughts went in circles while I tried to avoid asking people for things I need. I found myself consistently not wanting to be fully present. Since certainty is an illusion there is no permanent reference point I can cling to. I try to bring myself back to breathing, sights, sounds, smells, and sensations. (Hey, I’m good at breathing! I was called a champion breather when I was in labor with the Kiddo.) In a way I feel like I am trying to have all new senses. Much like Marcel here says we must have new eyes.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~Marcel Proust

I’ve made some real progress over the last few months in discovering new landscapes. In fact just a few months ago I would have not posted today because of frustration with my computer, which has a bit of mouse/ keyboard lag.

One Response to Wandering Weasel

  1. […] I find it interesting that I can be like Lister and Cat as well as have a chunk of The Church Lady. Oh, the awareness I am cultivating! So, to conclude I’ll be starting with The Church of Trope and making my own sci-fi religion that involves pipe smoking ferrets. […]


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