We took the kiddo and her friend to a nature park nearby and I took this picture while we were there. I was having a difficult time staying focused with three year old whining and a messy house and just generally wanting to get back in bed and hide yesterday but I took the leap outside. There was a bench near where I took this picture. I looked out over the water and saw the tiny heads of little turtles poking out. There were three or four of them. Mostly they sat very still in the water not making a ripple. We encouraged the kids to sit silently and look out for the turtles. They did a pretty good job at it too. We told the kids to watch for the circular ripples moving through the water, so they could find the turtles. I loved watching the ripples move through the water, it was fluidly peaceful. I’m going to keep this picture and experience in mind while I do my yoga/ meditation today.

Most days I feel like I am falling through this life with not much direction. That is a world view I am changing very slowly. Hopefully this recent experience and photograph will help me.

2 Responses to Falling

  1. Pranaganesh says:

    Well said. Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. Thanks for sharing!


  2. […] maze that was “6 Acres and had over 2 1/2 Miles of Paths”. I felt a bit like I did in Falling when I wanted to hibernate but again I took the leap. There was no napping for Kiddo prior to. I […]


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