Friday Thank You Honoring Organized Labor

I was thinking about some frustrating things that like my new/old mp3 player, having to organize my thoughts when I write, editing details, driving, and generally doing things at a pace far slower than the tortoise kept to.

I’ve also been thinking of my dad. A real working class hero in my opinion. And teachers, school administrators, nurses, and generally those that care for others are all working class heroes to me.

Bitch Ph.D. is closing and I’ve been reading it for a while now, so I feel a little sad. Finding Reclusive Leftist and Suburban Guerilla make up for it. I’m gonna try and sneak in a visit to the walk for moms and midwives tomorrow.

Thank You’s to Dad, Bitch Ph.D., the promise of text to speech technology, digital media in general, and Librarians.

As I go at my own pace I will respect that others know theirs too. So I will make this a Friday Thank You ritual in Honor of Organized Labor and many early feminists. Who all naturally brought you The Weekend!

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