A Meditating ADHD’er

About six years ago I got Meditation for Dummies out of the library. I scanned and read some of the title headings and chapters, then returned it pretty promptly. I recall telling my husband I needed to take a class on Meditation. Low and behold NPR started advertising Duke’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program, considering how many times I listened to the advertisement it finally sunk that I might need to check that class out.

I woke up this morning at 5 am to a thrumming and throbbing in my head, due to my lack of chocolate/ caffeine. Apparently 2-6 quarter size pieces of dark chocolate per day are enough to get me addicted physically. Doh! I’ve really been trying to meditate without my mp3’s from the class at Duke. My thought spin cycle activates and I am a goner. I went back to the Kadampa Center to take their Discovering Buddhisim with my friend. If I get really brave I will use/borrow some amusing characterizations to illustrate certain thought cycles. One I am sure to explore is the crazy/good neighbor motif. Yep, I play that role.

Back to meditation. I did survive a day long (9-4) meditation or day of mindfulness. Attempting to be mindful for that entire day was an awesome accomplishment. Towards the end I really was fatigued and my ADHD tendencies came to plague me. The thought spin cycle that my mind really loves was ‘done’ with mindfulness for the day, so the last couple of hours were the hardest. Moments of peaceful, calmness are possible in my ADHD-ish brain.

2 Responses to A Meditating ADHD’er

  1. Stephanie says:

    Dude- I tried endlessly to meditate while listening to the ocean in Rodanthe. Some of the thoughts running through my head:
    Hell, I should blog about listening to the ocean.
    Hell, I should blog about how calming listening to the ocean is.
    I should try and meditate.
    I should blog about how I tried to meditate and wrote 4 blog posts in my head.
    I should blog about how I’m a failure at meditation.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.


  2. chaos says:

    It’s not sad. As the meditation gurus would say…it’s the nature of the mind (to wander). If I didn’t take that class at duke I would not be in such a good place with meditating. I think a class can make all the difference.


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