Gender Positive Kid Reads

Libraries are wonderful for finding kids books. You get to take books home for free and chew on them to see if they fit your family. The above book by Kathleen Odean has been a great resource for girl friendly books. By girl friendly I mean stories and main characters that do not reinforce girl stereotypes. I like how books are grouped into age appropriate categories. The Resources for Parents section includes hints on reading aloud and activities to go along with books.

This particular author also has written Great Books for Boys, Great Books About Things Kids Love, and Great Books for Babies and Toddlers. So click on the link to check out her other books.

I didn’t find any of the following books in the book I mentioned and is pictured to the left.Ā  Just call me the resource Queen. There are some other links to resources for girl positive stories on my right hand side bar. I believe I got info about Dahlia from The Amelia Bloomer Project List. Moms of boys these books are also great for your kiddos. šŸ˜‰

Kiddo and I explored Dahlia when I was a little worried that she didn’t play with dolls. This book is about a little girl who gets a doll from her Aunt. This doll is beautiful and perfect so the little girl is afraid to get her dirty at first. Then she explains the many different ways she plays out side. They make mud pies, climb trees, and go wagon racing with the boys. After Dahlia has learned how to play Auntie comes for a visit to exclaim being outside is just what this doll needed.

Violet is a tinker fairy as we call them in our house. She likes to make and fix things. This book has gone great with our radio controlled airplane flying activities of late. Here’s a link to a detailed description of Violet the Pilot.

2 Responses to Gender Positive Kid Reads

  1. blue milk says:

    Thanks for the resources!


  2. chaos says:

    no problem, its a hobby šŸ™‚


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